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Getting to know the Xero Dashboard

The Xero Dashboard is a one-stop hub for all your key financial information.


The dashboard is where you'll see what's in your bank account, who's paid your invoices, and which supplier bills are due for payment – all customisable to show you the important numbers and metrics you need to stay in control of your business accounts.


The hub for your key numbers


Getting to grips with your finances can be confusing. Xero's approach is to keep everything as simple as possible, giving you the core numbers and key performance indicators (KPIs) you need, while also tracking the accounting and tax information required by your accountant.


When you log into your Xero Dashboard, you'll see:


  • Your Xero direct bank feed– showing your bank account, balance and statement
  • Invoices you've raised– and when your customers are due to pay you
  • Bills you need to settle– and the dates when you need to pay them
  • Cash in and out of the business– broken down by month to keep you in control
  • Your custom KPIs– tailored to show the important metrics in your dashboard


Find out more about the dashboard in this Xero TV video


Talk to us about getting more from your Xero Dashboard


If you'd like to customise your Xero Dashboard, we can help you create a bespoke view of your key numbers – and get you in real control of the financial health of your business.


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