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It's easy to get started with Xero. Just a few steps and you're on your way.

Welcome to Xero. Let's start with a list of key steps to help your business thrive and make your life easier.

· Connect your bank account to Xero: Your bank transactions will automatically flow into Xero, and you'll see all your finances in one place.

· Invite me as an 'adviser' to work with you in Xero: We will see the same data at the same time, making it easy to iron out any queries and stay on the same page.

· Create online invoices: Simply email your customers a link to a live invoice, which shows the most up-to-date details, payment status and history, and a 'Pay Now' button for accepting payments online.

· Manage pay runs with payroll: Combine your payroll software with your online accounting - it will manage the tasks you have to do, AND automatically updates your accounts too.

· Enter supplier contact details: Know who your key contacts are, who owes you money, their payment history, and how much you spend with a particular supplier so you're more informed than ever before when making business decisions.

· Invite your team to work with you in Xero: You and your team members can work together to run your business, stay informed and share the workload.

· Set up your financial details: Save time by updating the information you want to include in reports, invoices and bills.

· Transfer existing transactions into Xero: Create a single view of everything, new and old.


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